Cloakroom Software staff and patrons love.

Streamline old fashioned methods, forget about lost tickets, gain great customer insights. Take control of your cloakroom with Cloakr.

Provide your customers with a premium cloakroom experience.

Cloakr is the absolute cloakroom management tool for any sized venue or event that seeks to provide a more efficient and secure system, allowing venues to get more personal with their customers. Cloakr was designed with both patron and venue in mind to provide a non-invasive method to grow a venues database, while giving customers peace of mind when leaving their valuables in a venues care.

Provide your customers with a premium cloakroom experience.
Be efficient

Save time & money by going digital, step into the 21st century. Provide a streamlined, speedy and simple cloakroom solution to please your customers and staff.

Capture digitally

Do away with manual handling of customer information and forget about ancient paper methods. Engage your customers through a unique digital experience.

Gain insights

Generate in-depth customer reports, increase your data capturing opportunities and build your marketing capability. Capture key audience demographics.

Re-invent and refresh your cloakrooms function.

Generate more revenue and gain more insights by providing your customers with a streamlined and secure cloakroom experience.


Unlock customer trends and discover new patterns in patron behaviour. Learn more with Male vs Female ratios, average length of stay and customer trends.


Provide your customers with peace of mind, increase your cloakroom's security and guarantee returns to unclutter your cloakroom.


Provide convenience for new and returning customers with lighting fast check-ins and repeat customer recognition.

Cloakr is now a Product of Chexology